Casalunar Paradiso has won one of the 10 Think of Living Awards 2014 Casalunar Paradiso is ranked second in the BEST VACATION HOME 2014. The weather is just 0.2% from Khao Yai.

Review of Casalunar Paradiso Bangsaen – Bang Phra from HOME BUYER GUIDE

CASALUNAR PARADISO Front beach condo near Bangsaen from Benyapapha . [Review No. 725] Review No.725 ... Mr.Oe will take a look at the project was completed in Chonburi. The Casalunar Paradiso is a large project,located on the area about 30 acres. The condo consists of 3 buildings and pool villa. The highlight of this project [...]

BUSINESS ON THE MOVE Bangkok Business Interview with Thanasiri Wilairatana

Business on the move Bangkok Business Interview Mr.Thanasiri Wilairat on air First run 22 Jan 57 time 20:00 After finishing the evening news Re run 26 Jan 57 time 9:30 After finishing the morning news 27 Jan 57 time 13:00 After the end of the news.

PROPERTY FOCUS Interview Mr. Thanasiri Wilairatana

Property Focus Interview Mr. Thanasiri Wilairatana on Wed 15 Jan, 57 at Nation Studio on air First run 18 Jan 57 time 15; 30-16: 00 Rerun 21 Jan 57 time 17: 30-18; Rerun. 26 Jan 57 time 23: 00-23: 30


New Year’s Party at 2559 at THE BAZAAR Chonburi.

New Year Greetings, 2559 Benyapha Property Co., Ltd. will hold a New Year's Eve party in 2559 with the theme "Love, Benyapha" on December 29, 2015 at The Bazaar, Chonburi.

Benyapha Property Join an activity Restore coastal resources.

Benyapa Property Co., Casalunar Paradiso in collaboration with Sansuk municipality and Krung Thai Bank Plc. (Release of water) and planting mangroves in 2015 on the occasion of the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. Mangrove forests in Bang Pakong - Chonburi on Friday, August 14, 2558.

New Year’s Party, 2015

New Year Party Benyapha Property Co., Ltd. will hold a New Year party on the 29th of December 2014.

CASALUNAR PARADISO joins mangrove planting.

On Friday, 15 August, at 13.00. Benyapha Property Co., Ltd. & Casalunar Paradiso in collaboration with Sansuk Public Company Limited and Mr. Pradit Chulsevee, Deputy Director Large Business Loans Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited. Mangrove planting, near Peak Mantalay shop.

Most of the life rewards in being a real estate entrepreneur.

Most of the pride in life. Most of the life rewards in being a real estate entrepreneur and most of the pleasure are getting quality clients as a friend 10 years ago, this group of customers was the first patron to make Benyapha grow to this day. In the past 10 years, the customers who [...]


Saturday, March 17, 2014 Grand Opening The Bazaar. The new shopping mall locate on center of Chonburi and next to Central Plaza Chonburi. Honored by Mr.Sonthaya Kunpluem for the opening ceremony.